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Abang Jo is Committed to Prospering the People of Sarawak by 2030

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Malaisya.Kuching.Radarinvestigasi.id- The Joint Kingdom of the Sarawak Party (GPS) led by Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari Tun Openg, focuses on several development agendas for the welfare of the Sarawak People 2030.

Reported by the Head of the GPS Kingdom, currently the GPS Kingdom, under the leadership of YAB, the Chief Minister with the nickname “Abang JO”, has carried out more than 100 initiatives that currently have provided many benefits to the people of Sarawak.

As the 6th Chairman of the Incumbent Sarawak Minister who has taken office on January 13, 2017, he certainly understands the needs of the Sarawak people.

Some of the achievements that have been carried out are mainly in infrastructure projects and several facilities, among others, implementing strategic projects for coastal roads and main roads.

In addition, the construction of the Batang Lupar Bridge, Batang Saribas, Batang Paloh, Muara Lassa, Batang Igan, Krian River, Kuala Kemena, Batang Rajang Batang Rambungan, Sarawak River – Short, Lingga River, and also Batang Lupar 2 Bridge.

Another success, GPS has also carried out the construction of other facilities mainly for the needs of water supply, water and electricity network systems for the whole of Sarawak. And the need for digital infrastructure and telecommunications.

Reported by one of the leading portals of the Joint GPS Party, Stating that the goals of future development are to carry out an excise duty of five percent on petroleum products, carry out infrastructure development, maintain integration and take over projects that are not carried out by the Central Kingdom.

By him “Abang Jo” hopes that the Sarawak people will continue to support the development and progress of Sarawak to be better in 2030.

To note, the Joint Kingdom of the Sarawak Party (GPS) which was initiated on 12 June 2018 consists of several joint parties, including the PBB Party, PRS, PDP and SUPP. With this union, it is hoped that the needs of the Sarawak people can be achieved together.

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